(Ministry of Human Resource Development, Deptt. of School Education & Literacy, Govt. of India)












Sub:     Tender   for hiring of vehicle for the year 2017-18- reg.


01.     Sealed   tender for providing of the vehicle on hire basis shown in the attached statement are invited by the   undersigned on behalf of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Regional Office, Bhopal up to 04:00 pm  of  dated 17.05.2017.  The tender should be sent under sealed cover marked as “TENDER FOR HIRING  VEHICLE  and not by the name. The tender will be opened in the office of the Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Jharsuguda (Odisha )  at 10:00 pm. On 18.05.2017 .The tender should be submitted according to the terms and conditions specified in the enclosed contract agreement and the contractor shall be bound to abide by the term and conditions stipulated therein.


03.     There should not be any overwriting, correction in the tender.  If a figure is to be amended, it should   be clearly scored out and then revised figure should be written above and the same should be attested with full signature and date.   In the absence of the attested signature the tender is liable to be rejected.


04.     The undersigned does not bind him/her to accept the lowest tender and   reserve the right to accept and reject the tender as he/she may decide.


05.     On acceptance of the tender it will become a contract and the contractor shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the tender as per  the provision of GFR.


06.    The tenderer should submit his/her tender form along with earnest money amounting  Rs. 10000/-( Rupees ten thousand  only) in shape of Bank Draft in favour of  the Principal, JNV, Jharsuguda payable to SBI, Jharsuguda (Code NO. 0238) which will be refunded in the event  of rejection of the tender.  The earnest money will be forfeited in the event of failure to comply with the contract.  In event of the tender being accepted the earnest money will be adjusted towards security deposit.



                                                                                                           Contd ….Page2/-









07.     If  the contractor fails to provide the vehicle within the time stipulated in the letter of acceptance by the undersigned,  the undersigned shall be at liberty to arrange the vehicle from the market  or get the rest of the contract completed by any other person / firm and the difference of Price, if any shall be deducted from the Earnest Money/Security deposit and in case any amount in excess of the security deposit is paid by the undersigned, the contractor  shall be liable to pay  this amount.


08. The period indicated in the attached contract agreement may be increased/decreased at the discretion of the undersigned without assigning any reason.


09.     Prior to acceptance of the tender, the undersigned reserves the right to call  the vehicle for demonstration and  the contractor shall be liable to provide the vehicle or give the demonstration free of cost.


10.     The rate quoted by the contractor shall hold up to 30.04.2018 from the date of contract agreement. No  amendment in the rate will be accepted during this period of completion.


11.     In the event of acceptance of the tender and placing of the order for hiring of vehicle ordered for would be subjected to an inspection by the undersigned or his/her representatives and are liable to be rejected if the vehicle is not in good condition and is not according to approved vehicle.


12.     The sealed tender should invariably contain:

          a)       Road tax clearance certificate from the competent authority.

          b)      Fitness Certificate of  vehicle.

          c)       Earnest Money  for Rs.10000/-

          d)      Registration Certificate of Vehicle in the name of vehicle owner

          e)       Insurance certificate of vehicle.

          f)       Any other related documents of the vehicle as per government rules.

          g)       Signature of the vehicle owner on all pages with date.


13.    The vehicle should be latest model (preferably the vehicle should not be earlier than

         2014-15 model)

13.     Tender which does not comply with above conditions is liable to be rejected.


14.     The time and date of opening of tenders may be changed and the same will be displayed

          in the notice Board of the Vidyalaya.















01.     Name of the vehicle owner                :         _____________________________

02.     Father’s/ Husband’s Name               :         _____________________________

03.     Address of the vehicle owner            :         _____________________________



                                                                             Telephone No._________________

04.     Registration number of Vehicle                  :         _____________________________

05.     Name of the Vehicle                          :         _____________________________

06.     Model of the vehicle                          :         _____________________________

07.     Seating capacity of vehicle                :         _____________________________

08.     Year of manufacture                         :         _____________________________

09.     Date of purchase & Make of the

          Vehicle                                             :         _____________________________

10.     Insurance policy valid up to             :         _____________________________

11.     Vehicle permitted for                        :         _____________________________

12.     Private  or Commercial                     :         _____________________________

12.     Driver license/Identity card No                   :         _____________________________

13.     Kilometers covered per 01 (one)       :         _____________________________

          Liter Diesel  with A.C


14.     Kilometers covered per 01 (one)       :         _____________________________

          Liter Diesel  with Non A.C


15.     Rate of amount on yearly basis                  :         _____________________________

          (Excluding the period of two month

          Vacation i.e for 10 month)



I do hereby declare that I have gone through the contract agreement and terms and condition of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti and will abide by the terms and conditions as stipulated in the contract agreement for hiring of vehicle of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Jharsuguda (Odisha)

            Further, I do hereby undertake that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. In further if any false information is found, I will be held responsible for it                                                         


                                                                                                Signature of vehicle owner

Date: _____________

Place: _____________





This agreement made on this ___________day of ____________2016 between the Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Jharsuguda (Odisha) hereinafter refereed as the party of the first Part to the contract (Which expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the context be deemed to include the successors in office or assignees) on one part.



M/s.____________________a Company /firm resisted under __________ Act with Registration No.___________having its registered office at __________________through  Shri_________________________Director /Partner/Owner ______________(Which express shall unless included by or repugnant to the context be deemed to included its successor and permitted assignees ) on the other part and hereinafter refer to as Party of the Second part to the contract.


WHERE AS the party of the First part is responsible for management of JNVs, which are fully residential institutions providing education to children from Class VI to XII and is desirous of   hiring private vehicles for JNV, Jharsuguda located in the strata of Odisha for transport of students and staff and for procurement of materials required for use in the vidyalaya.




1.  That the party of the first part has agreed to hire vehicles No._________owned by party of the Second part for benefited use of JNV,___________________(herein after refereed  to a JNV) on the payment Rs.______/-(Rupees________________________)only yearly basis excluding the period of vacations of the vidyalaya i.e. for 10 month .  The payment will, however, be made on pro-rates monthly basis.


2.   That the JNV will bear only the cost of diesel for the distance actually plied for official use. All other liabilities including wages of driver,  oil and lubricants, maintenance, repair replacement of parts and servicing, obligations on account of Motor Vehicle Act and other related act like  Labour laws. road tax insurance laws (like insurance of vehicles in accident, theft, fire etc.) shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/Party of the Second part.


3.   That the present contract will be valid for a period of one year unless terminated prior to expiry of this period as per terms set forth herein after.


4.   That the vehicles to be hired should be such that it can carry up to 4 persons having comfortable seat for carrying a sick child in addition to adequate space to carry upto 10 quintal of load in proper efficient running condition which shall be ensured be the owner.


5.   That the vehicle shall remain in the campus of JNV, Jharsuguda on 24 hours basis and will be parked in the premises during the period of contract.






6.   That the driver of the vehicle can be provided accommodation wherever possible in the campus of JNV, Driver of the vehicle will be allowed to avail mess facility for food purposes only on payment basis.


7.   That maximum of one day per month i.e. 10 days in year shall be permitted for maintenance/servicing of the vehicle. The vehicle shall not be sent for repairs for more than four days at a stretch.  Alternate vehicle shall be provided by the party of the second part in case the non-availability is for the period exceeding the specified period mentioned above. Failure to provide alternate vehicle shall lead to recovery of actual hiring charges of an alternate vehicle per day or Rs.400/- per day or whichever is higher. Owner of the vehicle shall furnish a refundable security deposit of Rs.10000/- with the concerned JNV for this purpose.


8.   That the use of the vehicle will normally be restricted to state for which it is hired and for vidyalaya purpose.


9.    That the owner party of the Second part shall be responsible for efficient and diligent services. In case the service is not found satisfactory at any state, the party of First Part shall be at liberty to cancel the contract any time by giving one month notice to party of Second  Part.  Similarly Party of Second Part can terminate the contract by giving one month’s notice in writing to the party of First Part.


10.   That the driver engaged by the party of the Second Part for running the vehicle for the JNV must possess a valid driving license for the type of vehicle and his credentials must be verified by the police before engagement.  The owner/party of the Second Part shall be responsible for proper conduct of the driver and will change the driver in case his conduct is reported as improper by the Principal of JNV at anytime. In case the conduct of the driver is found unsatisfactory and he is not replaced within three days of receipt of written report in this regards from the Principal of JNV, the party of the First part shall be at liberty to cancel the contract on this ground without any further notice of the same to the owner.

11.   That may disputes, differences and other questions arising out of or in any manner relating to or concerning this agreement which can not be settled amicably then the unrecorded disputes of difference shall be referred to the arbitration of a single arbitrator appointed by the party of the first part. The venue of arbitration proceedings shall be at the utilized vidyalaya where the vehicle is being utilized.


12.   This agreement shall be effective as and when executed by or on behalf of booth parties.


IN WITNESS WHERE OF   the parties here to have set their hand and seals on this contract on ________________days of __________years.




          FIRST PARTY                                                                  SECOND PARTY